About Us


BookStayHop® provides exceptional experiences by being THE innovative leader in the hospitality industry. We stay true to ourselves by making sure that everything we do is fun, and we continue to seek the latest information, technology, and opportunities. BookStayHop provides concierge-level services through open and effective communication. We are dedicated to giving back, creating community, and being resource-efficient.

Daniel Perry

Prior to founding BookStayHop®, Daniel Perry was, and continues to be, an ASID Interior Designer with a focus on historic restoration. Daniel’s keen eye, appreciation for enhancing the inherent beauty in uncommon spaces, and passion for delivering an exceptional customer experience have helped his company grow exponentially, earning uncommonly rave reviews.

Originally from Santa Cruz, CA, Daniel learned to love the outdoors while growing up on a historic family ranch. He has lived in and around the Rogue Valley for over 30 years and enjoys all that Southern Oregon has to offer including hiking, rafting, gardening, dining, wineries, and theater.

He wakes up every day excited to provide guests their very best experience while helping clients realize the earning potential of their investment properties. Daniel has assembled an all-star team to keep BookStayHop® hopping with precision, growing rapidly to over two hundred properties in just six years.

Jacob Hillman
Operations Manager

Jacob has lived in Oregon since the age of three. His family moved to the Rogue Valley of Southern Oregon when he was 13 years old where he’s lived ever since. With a degree in Business Management and a background in staff training and hospitality, Jacob brings creativity and love for people to his role as the Logistics and Billing Manager. His quick ability to problem solve and compassionate nature ensure guests are well cared for from reservation to departure.

When he’s not putting out fires on our online booking platforms or slaying logistical dragons by phone, Jacob can be found enjoying the great outdoors with his husband and dog in Medford, Oregon.

Haley Miller
Guest Services Manager

Haley was born and raised in the Rogue Valley and is passionate about the area and everything it has to offer. She has 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry, having worked in a variety of areas including housekeeping, hotel management, guest services and reservation management. As a local resident, Haley has a special knowledge of the area and what it has to offer, which she uses to ensure every guest has a memorable stay.

In her spare time, Haley enjoys spending time with her family, camping and being outdoors in any capacity.

Cassie Lautenschleger
Guest Services / Office Manager

Cassie was born and raised in the Rogue Valley. While most of her adult life she has worked in the medical field, she finally found her passion when she came to work for BookStayHop. Cassie’s background and experience contributes to her roles in Guest Services, assisting the management team, and managing the office and taking care of the people who work there. In her spare time, she loves to go camping, rafting, and hiking with her family.
Glory Abernathy
Photography & Visual Logistics

Coming from an eclectic work base, Glory has done everything from pouring concrete to running a museum’s gift shop to rural delivery driver, but her background is primarily in Manufacturing / Production and Customer Service with focus on efficiency, leadership and team support. She was born in northern California but grew up in the Rogue Valley and has toured the U.S. via traveling for work. Experiences from working on the move has given her an appreciation of how much the field of hospitality has grown in the last 15 years.

Growing up in the beautiful northwest has instilled a love of nature, of exploration. Much time is spent in her pollinator garden attending to flowers and fruits or journeying the many hikes, lakes, rivers and scenic drives the Valley has to offer – If not out amongst the mountains, then at a winery kicking back with a view and good friends. In other free time she prefers to be creative by painting, dancing, cooking or crafting.
Damien Cromwell
Logistics & Onboarding

Damien Cromwell moved to Southern Oregon in the early 90’s to attend Southern Oregon University.

Her years of experience and expertise lead her to come work for BookStayHop on the logistics side of operations, where she creates a vision for homeowner’s properties to reach their greatest potential. “Teamwork makes the dream work.”

She enjoys travel adventures, HGTV and dining at restaurants as seen on Food Network. Damien and her family have an Italian Mastiff who also enjoys travel adventures and leftovers from restaurants as seen on Food Network.

Dena vanCantfort

Dena vanCantfort was raised in southern Oregon, and has called the Rogue Valley “home” for over 30 years.

She comes to BookStayHop with a varied background in customer service, sales, business management, marketing, graphic design and more. As our Marketing Specialist, she is using her creative and innovative mindset to help bring increased awareness and continued growth to BookStayHop.

When not working, Dena enjoys volunteering with Girl Scouts as a troop leader, travel coordinator and product manager. But more than anything, she loves going on adventures and spending time with her family and friends.

Claudia Leite
Guest Services

Claudia was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where she worked in the film industry as Brazilian liaison for American studios such as Disney, DreamWorks, Universal, Discovery and Fox Films.

In 2009 she married American writer Steve Lattimore and moved to St. Louis, Missouri. In 2022, seeking new adventures, she moved to Southern Oregon where she works in Guest Services for BookStayHop.

She has a B.A. in International Relations and is fluent in English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and French. She enjoys hiking and nature photography and is passionate about animal rights and environmental causes.

Becca White
Client Care

Becca was born and raised in Northern California, and is currently residing in the Seattle area since 2018 with her husband and 2 boys.

Her experience has spanned a wide range of areas: from customer service in retail for 10+ years, 10 years as a medic in the United States Army, 6+ years in Cancer Research working directly with patients, and presently caring for our homeowners to ensure their experience with BookStayHop is exceptional.

She enjoys crocheting, reading, kickboxing, spending time with her family, and traveling to try local cuisine and wines. She loves traveling all over the Pacific Northwest to see all of the natural beauty it has to offer.

Brian Tingle
Client Services

Brian spent his first 20 years in Modesto, CA before coming to Ashland in 1968 to get a Music Ed degree at then-Southern Oregon College.

In the mid-1970s, he spent an academic year in a master’s degree music program living near Stuttgart, West Germany, where he sang in 3 choirs and performed with the famed Berlin Philharmonic. He toured all over Western Europe and “behind the wall” in central Europe. Fascinating!

Since the mid-1980s, Brian was in the financial services industry here in the Rogue Valley as a life/health agent that also included being securities licensed for 21 years. He looks forward to using his business and networking experience to help grow BookStayHop in southern Oregon and beyond.

In his free time, Brian enjoys singing bass in the Southern Oregon Repertory Singers, hiking, walking, reading and getting back into photography.

Juniper Brown-VanAusdall
Guest/Client Services

Juniper Brown-VanAusdall primarily serves our clients and guests in our Baja, Mexico communities. He gives our clients a great first impression by providing optimal communication and connection through written, verbal, and digital channels to ensure that the client understands everything clearly and to make sure they are happy. In addition, Juniper also enjoys connecting our guests with amazing experiences. From the time they inquire to the minute that they leave, he works to make sure that the guest is taken care of in all things and that the guest will use BookStayHop for future vacations. 

Juniper works with the ultimate goal of creating a cohesive team that can tackle any problem and provide the best service possible for our clients and guests. We have a “ranch mentality” if it needs done, then do it. 

Prior to joining BookStayHop, one of Juniper’s greatest achievements was owning and operating a restaurant in Ashland, Oregon for ten years. He contributes the challenging restaurant business to his growth as an entrepreneur and as a human being.